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Bassam Ismail – Front-end developer

Hi! I’m Bassam. Around the web I’m skippednote. I write code at Acquia, previously at Axelerant and Pixoto.

You can find me online at:

or, contact at:


(May 2016 - Present)

I joined Acquia as a Senior Front-end Developer on May, 1st 2016. I’ve been working on client project and collaborating on open source projects within the company.


(Oct 2012 - April 2016)

I joined Axelerant as a front-end engineer on October, 22nd 2012. Since then I’ve expanded my role to different facets of development and management. This has refined my understanding, appreciation, and knowledge of how to work and collaborate in environments where one needs to be swift at adapting the culture and technologies responsibly.



Architecting front-end for large scale websites that are:




There were three sites for Wizards – Magic, Wizards Play Network, The Wizards Community – and the project spanned for ten month with me being the only front-end developer. I also took up the responsibility of Project Manager for few weeks in his absence.

The project involved refactoring most of the existing codebase. There was a lot of DOM manipulation based on the viewport size and user interaction done mostly using vanilla JavaScript. I created various types of charts using D3js using json endpoint provided by Drupal.

Technologies I used:

For migration of from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 I re-aligned the existing front-end with additional updates as suggested by the client.

Technologies I used:

#### Some other projects worked on: - Novartis - MNN (mobile site) - Axelerant - MWP advanced manufacturing - NodeDesk


Before joining Axelerant I was working as a UI designer and front-end developer with several startups based in USA and India.


Built on top of Django, I crafted the front-end for mobile, tablet, and desktop viewports. The site uses getUserMedia for taking a selfies with a flash polyfill.


I worked remotely with Pixoto as a front-end developer. My work varied from creating static user flows, integrating with vanilla PHP, and working with the designer for the best user experience.


At Floost I build UI and did the front-end development for user profiles, newsletters, quotes interface, etc.

Side projects


scrnshtr grabs a screenshot of the given url at a given resolution and uploads it to Slack.


scrnshtr-web is a small utility web application built on top on Node.js using Express.js for the web server and Phantom.js to grab screenshots.

DrupalCon LA Attendes Listing

This is a isomorphic react app with Express.js running on the backend and it scraps data from DrupalCon LA site for easy referencing.

Slack Timezone

Slack Timezone is a isomorphic react app with Express.js running on the backend. It show you the current time for all the members of your slack team.

D8 Contributors

This is a client facing app built using Angular.js. The API is written on top of Express.js and MongoDB, which gets data by scrapping content from DrupalCores using Casperjs.


Writ is a markdown editor that aims to provide a beautiful UI with a rich user experience. It’s built using Meteor.js.


Conversify is a web-based real-time chat application. It has a pleasing design for both desktop and mobile browsers. Conversify supports Emoji too.It’s built using Meteor.js.


Linky lets you share notes and store links that tagged with your location. It uses the HTML5 geolocation API built on top of Meteor.js.


Todayjs lets your prioritize tasks by creating a today.txt on your Desktop. Todayjs is a CLI based nodejs module.


Go-Learn is a repository that helps you get upto speed with Go.


Bachelors in Information Technology, University of Kashmir

2010 – 2014


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