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Going Offline with Service Worker

December 92016

I have had Service Worker working on this site (on and off) for a while now. Caching everything other than posts. When I moved away from github-pages to Surge I had to forgo the HTTPS support, which meant no more offline caching. However, I have switched back to github-pages with Cloudflare providing the HTTPS certificates. This is temporary until I move to a platform where I can explore other PWA patterns.


Progressively Decoupled Drupal with React

October 92016

I briefly talked about progressively decoupling in my session at DrupalCon Dublin and I would like to expand on couple of techniques that have worked out well for me. I’ll be using React as the client-side framework but it should work equally well with other frameworks too. I choose React because of it’s small size and my familiarity with it. Progressive Decoupling Unlike Fully Decoupled Drupal solutions where you have to serve a completely isolated website on a different technology stack, with Progressively Decoupled websites you can gradually build out a library of components while staying inside Drupal.