Hey there, I’m a 22 year old Frontend Developer from Srinagar, Kashmir. I work at Axelerant where most of my time is spent working on medium to large scale websites built on top of Drupal.

I specialise in Frontend architecture, web typography and UI/UX development. I’m passionate about JavaScript and spend most of time crafting software using Node.js and one of many client-side MVC frameworks. I’m a huge proponent of following best practices: TDD & BDD, proper design patterns, always optimizing, and using the right tools for the right job.

A believer of all Unixy things, I spend most of the time in the terminal. Vim is the text editor of choice. I live and breathe Open Source, I even started a local Open Source Community.


I’ve been on a writing hiatus for a long time now. I like to share techniques I learn and promote, ideas on development workflow and sometimes random thoughts.

Here are some place where I like to share my writing, in no specific order: